Myles Dicky

28-year-old Myles Dicky first studied his trade on the dark room floor of an old photography developing shop in the heart of central Cape Town as a teenager. After acquiring his first camera, life became about recording his photographic journey with meticulous care for the fundamentals of the art.
One of Myles’ key strengths is being able to adapt to any situation: whether he is required to spend 14-hour days in the studio, or out in the vast sand dunes of the Cape’s West Coast, or even amongst the heat and humidity of Bangkok City life, Myles is game for anything. This, he says, keeps his creative planning processes alive, because he is continuously adding to his diversified image bank.
Myles says; “Happiness is being able to assimilate with my subjects. To take something away from my occurrence that is far more than the image i shoot. Gaining edification from those less fortunate, receiving intellect from new cultures and experiencing moments in time that can not be re-created in front of my lens.”